Schwarz-Weißes Portraitfoto von Illustrator Jan-Hendrik Holst
  • 2004 Began studying Communication Design & Illustration
    at HAW Hamburg
  • since 2008 Freelance Illustrator
  • 2010 graduated as »Diplom-Designer (FH)«,
    with the work »Vergessene Berufe«


As a freelance illustrator i was lucky to work on a diverse range of projects. Among my clients so far are a city magazine from Mainz as well as a children and youth magazine and a german Sunday paper; i drew cartoons for a nationwide biotech research project and worked for several welfare institutions. My clients include a local delicatessen and wholefood shop and a dishware manufactury; i drew illustrations for other freelancers as well as a nationwide multi-million advertising campaign.

Each new job is an exciting challenge. It is this variety of themes and companies that i love about my job.

A selection of clients and agencies i worked with:

TuTech Innovation GmbH | Mutterland | grawira | HAW Hamburg — career service | Benni Dernhoff | Hamburger Volkshochschule | Talent-Kultur e.V. | Dein SPIEGEL | Ahoi Marie | Kampf der Künste Hamburg | Zum goldenen Hirschen München | Bunker Slam | Hello München | Michael Kraemer | HAW Hamburg — EQA | picturelock | REBEL Productions GmbH | Felix-Burda-Stiftung | Perfect Pitch | Johannes Zerr | ADC Deutschland | Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung | Lukas Lindemann Rosinski | Klaas Horeis (vingervlug) | HAW Hamburg — team.studieneinstieg | Medien Mélange | Hamburger Bücherhallen | GREY | Hamburger Fernhochschule | Deli Pictures |